Friday, January 7, 2011

1st night without diaper

Ever since Vera is born, I had no time to update my blog but I really have to jot down this wonderful moment. Yesterday night after Aidan's usual fresh milk intake and brushing his teeth, I wanted to put on diaper for him and he told me "Mummy, I'm 4 years old already, I don't want to wear diaper anymore". I was so surprised and checked with him over and over again whether he can wake up in the middle of the night to pee without making a fuss and he kept insisting he can do it. So I told my MIL to sleep in another room and my maid, Selvi will sleep with Aidan so that she can assist him to urine in the potty. She woke him up at 1am to urine and I woke him up at 3.15am to urine again and he did not fuss at all and afterwhich, he only woke up at 7.15am....he did not wet the bed!!! It's really another milestone for Aidan. I'm so happy he can finally did it and hope this can last...good job Aidan!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New member coming soon...

Our little princess, Vera, will be joining our family very soon. I'm now in my 37.5 week of pregnancy (which is considered as full term) and is feeling the pressure and weight of her. I am treasuring every moments that I have with Aidan knowing that once Vera is born, I will have lesser time with him.

Aidan is now off diaper in the day (although still not very stable cos he can still leak if he is too engross with TV) but still on diaper at night. These few weeks, he has been wanting to sleep on our bed and refused to sleep on his mattress. Even if we successfully made him sleep on his mattress, he will climb to our bed in the middle of the night. When asked, he said that is his favourite bed...*faint* So poor Adrian has been religated from the bed.

He now weighs about 14.6kg, sigh underweight but in terms of height, he is 90 over percentile at 101cm.

I hope Aidan will love his little sister as much as he loves me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toilet training

After Aidan turned 3, he told us he doesn't want to wear diapers and we were quite successful for the past few days and the school has also started helping to toilet trained him, 1st day no accident but yesterday he pooed without telling. He usually will tell if he wants to urinate but this boy will sometimes keep quiet if he wants to poo..sigh...but will continue since we just started this week.

Aidan is in pre-nursery

This week is the start of a new school year. Aidan is now promoted to pre-nursery. Initially we wanted to switch him to Nanyang Kindergarten but decided to remain with Rosy Hearts since he has already gotten used to the teachers and his friends. Aidan is a shy boy and we were just afraid if he goes to a new environment, he might have withdrawal symptoms and refuse to go to school. Especially Nanyang teaches 100% in Mandarin, a language which he is still not very familiar so his mind might be wondering instead of paying attention to the lessons, hence, we decided to stay with Rosy Hearts.

When I fetched him from school on Monday, theminute he saw me,he ran to me and told the Ms Azia that there's baby inside mummy's tummy and Ms Azia told me that he has told the class that there's baby inside mummy's tummy and he has let the cat out of the funny!

So far Aidan has been accepting my pregnancy well, sometimes he will even kiss my tummy as if kissing baby :) He will said he is gor gor, etc. Hopefully he will get along well when baby is born.

Time flies

I have been too lazy to update this blog and time really flies, my last update was half a year ago!!

We have just celebrated Aidan's birthday at our multi-purpose hall which we invited friends and relatives to celebrate this joyous ocassion. I ordered a 2kg carrot cake from Room for Dessert and especially ordered Mickey & Friends figurines from ebay to decorate the cake. Aidan loves his cake and ate a few pieces. He was very happy that day, kept running around and playing with Isaac but when comes to cake cutting, he is still afraid of the fire and refused to blow the candle. But the good thing is he didn't cry this year, probably is due to no singing of birthday song :p I think our guests might have wondered why we didn't sing birthday song to Aidan.....sigh.

Aidan is a big boy now, he can speaks pretty well and can sing the entire of some songs but still doesn't know how to write, swim and cycle. He still falls sick pretty often especially in the month of Dec, probably due to the weather. I really hope he will build up his resistance soon....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Past the 1 month mark...

Ever since Aidan started school after he turned 1 year of age, he has been falling sick almost once in every 2 to 3 weeks but he has just passed the 5th week mark of being free from the flu bugs. I am so relieved and continue to keep my fingers crossed that this can continue as long as possible.

Talking about his development, he weighs 13.7kg now (not bad) and about 95cm tall. He can talk better these days. Can reply "no problem" and "Don't touch my penis" cute. But I also missed his younger days where he was so chubby and cute.

We are planning our September trip to HK and it will be his first Disneyland trip. Really looking forward to it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scardy Aidan

It has been a few mths since I last log on to this Blog as I was so busy with work and all.

We have officially withdrew Aidan from Shichida since last week as he developed this scardy mood a few weeks ago (could be due to after watching "Monster Inc."), whenever he went to the class, he will said he is scared of Teacher Huiling and will cling to either me or my MIL and refused to participate in the class, hence after 3 consecutive weeks of such behaviour, we decided not to force him into something he doesn't like.

At the same time, at home, he will often said he is scared of something e.g. scared of going into our master bedroom, scared abt certain characters in some TV programmes, etc etc...sigh, I wonder why the sudden change in behaviour. Aidan, you are a boy, got to be more brave.